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Arunachala – Pilgrimage Blog –  in English

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13th of Dec 2015

Why India ? Why this place at the mountain of Arunachala ?


Something brought me here in 2006. I just felt attracted. Since 1993 I spent so much time alone with myself in different places here in India, being triggered and supported in so many magical ways so that when nowadays I arrive at the airport and streets of Chennai, something in me re-members. My eyes are just in a sudden filled with tears without any obvious reasons. My heart opens, my whole being relaxes just when I enter this country.

There is hardly any advertisment on the airport, but wooden statues. At the custom- and immigration counters it was more about the recently coloured hair of my little charming daughter than of the content of our bags. But thats not a rule. Something very laid back, I find here compared to mental fear based West. No its not all good and magical here, not at all. Even my Indian energetic outfit of Krishna like bliss Existence sometime came in contact with the cruel ignorant hardenships of this social field. You can see this cruelty at any time in any instance (Watch „India Daughter“ on Vimeo), if you want. I guess it´s just a big luxurios lifestyle that happens to me so far. I am very thankful for that. – Apart from this inner bliss bubble, the last days I experienced not so easy states of minds. Which brings me to the next question: Why this place Tiruvannamalai, at the mountain of Arunachala ?

Confusing and irritating first three days are lying behind me. Indulging into my highly reactive mental charges. Worse than in Austria. But to answer the question of  “Why Tiru(vannamalai) honestly, deeply authentic answered: No idea as well, just some attraction or some far out spiritual conditioning ? „Far out“ in the sense that it is much too easy and and much too subliminal at the same time to put any other word label on it than SILENCE or „Devotion to Silence“ or something around this. Not much I know of why and how it came like this.

I came here to spend time in the former living-room of Ramana Maharishi, THE indian saint who lived here. He is dead since 1950, but since then not less present as it seems.

Yesterday I could sit for some time in Ramanas Living Room while my daughter Naima was well kept at her friend Y. and Y´s mother S. We came together and we share a beautiful house at the other side of the mountain. We are based next to the little village of Vidiapanur. – Sitting in this full packed, coming and going entrance of Ramanas living-room was like being operated in the head space. Toughts and states of minds were discharged. Emptyness and presence stayed. By the time a joyful heart, lost in the very Universe of this Moment was left. Nothing to add. A celebrative experiencing of life followed.




arunach.farm15th of Dec

Motorcycles and other Wheels.

How this inner residues get burned? Just by spending time here next to all different kinds of bananas. Sizes and colours.

All these wisedom words can be a good tool for confusion or even better: cynical ways of preventing painful truths. How about forgetting them all? All kinds of orientations can fail sometimes. Two of my rented twowheelers were broken within only three days. No accident, but typical indian street hussles.

It is not always easy to discern between the painful, disconnecting Ego and the flowful Intuition-Decisions. Yes they feel different AFTERwards. And if you feel bad in the moment, who then cares to discern between Ego and Intuition. With which bloddy Intention behind you wanna still controll situations of dismay instead of giving in, loosing it all?

When everything „Outside“ turns back towards my inner conflictions. Radical Enlightements in this magnifying presence of Arunachala are psychologicals AHAs. What a pitty! Have I been the only one not seeing my own hatred. ? The mayor focalpoint these days is again and again a deep inner shithole. Its faster, louder and more obvious than ever. Quite shocking sometimes. Not even playful crazyness can help to cope or surpass it anymore. It is just painful and costs a lot of energy. To meet all this edges of inner charges. Sourrounded by THIS. The inner fight, the distressed NO to the situation outside. These inner voices are far too loud to give them any real authority concerning my outside world. The contrast between my charged reaction and the peace all around just feels funny sometimes. At the end of the day there is no charge. Is it just natural relaxation contrasting the difficult inner states from before ? Well, you can call me a repetitve masochist, it feels good after all the melt at the feet of Arunachala.

I will soon write about the daily Tiru happenings, about the german Family with two little kids, who left everything behind and so on. BUT hang on there is one concept around which my mind loves to wrap himself around – …I can feel very important about it. Old India can inflame it easily. I would call this concept of The Restauration of Desire. It´s my own story after I decided to stop my Vipassana Meditation after seven years of dedicated practice. This was in 2005, more than 10 years ago. Maybe „Desire“ is THE turning point between traditional spirituality and modern psychological development. For the old buddhists traditions desire is nothing but dukkha (pain). But understood with the mind this dukkha-concept can easily end up in an annihilation of life, in a cold depression. This is not funny and it is serving governmental goals of dependency and controll. For me Desire seems to be the golden nabelcord to human life, to creativity and abundance. The nabelcord to the WE, to the Together, to what comes after Capitalism. The psychological wellbeing perspective cannot abstain from the question:

What do you really want ? What is your deepest wish? And is there any feeling you want to prevent by this wish ?

Well I can see the whole range of tones between conflictful desire and well reflected Desire.

Maybe it is too easy to say, that all the traditional buddhists as a consequence of their desire annihilation eat too much white sugar ? But many do so, indeed.

So let this last two paragraphs just be an example for a shift in perspective.

Because the only freedom as it seems to me is to shift the perspective on that what you perceive.

And so, as a result of shifting, your socalled reality, your perception can change dramatically.

– Socialwise I feel a bit more relaxed than 10 years ago. Maybe I can sometimes say NO in a more loving way than before. I am so happy if people around me are able to say their authentic No and Yes. How grippy, present in Form, fully here and communicative they can get. Thats not so much the case in some religious or cultural contexts. (The interested german Reader is invited to click h-e-r-e for an Workshop Invitation concerning this topic held by Mario Sinnhofer and me, next March in Vienna)

How does all this apply for my sourrounding here, in the land of magnifying Presence ? Well, I guess its all much more about my inner shitwhole, I mentioned before. – Reality is less dense here, so how could I describe like a sociologist. There is nothing to grab. No way. It´s night time. Nature and far away streets are singing me into sleep. Never quiet in India. The kids are sleeping. Maybe they are dreaming of all the dog puppys, monkeys and calves they had physical contact with today. Yes, also with the baby monkey. All good. Nothing ever happened in the ever so Shivaful Lila-land.

In what way Hatha-Yoga has to do with all that writings ? – Or shall I better write about Natural Morality versus Morality as a fearful concept, aggressive against life. I hope I can tell you this the I will next time… No, I am joking, your comments below are very welcome, they can be piece and parcel of my next writing.




arunach.old19th of Dec

A general Weakness, Tenderness and Appreciation

The attitude of a writer, if being the observer can be sometimes dissociated from that he writes about. Likewise a tourist can consume his days in the foreign country without much compassion for the collective karmic constellation of the country. Getting angry on what the writer observes can be in one way helpful. Getting weak can be in another way quite helpful in the sense of opening up more to what is beyond the mind, beyond the mental knowing, judging, saving and comparing. Helpful also in the sense of slowing down, of coming down from a exotic high feeling. Sinking deeper. Getting a bit in touch with the indian dust.

As it is – at least for many visitors like me – all about introspection here at the feet of Arunachala, weakness often helped me to deeply understand how on many levels things are working interdependently together. It seems more than a regular fiever dream. Anyway, drinking too much of unfiltered holy mountain water at Skanda Ashram (a cave where Ramana used to lived for quite a while) made me slow down. My beloved travel companion Naima followed me by hurting her big toe. So we both give ourself a rest now. To unconciously drink this water was a nice gift from outside. Life is just playfully underlining my inner tendencys, making them ridiculously clear in order not to fully identify. In order to rest in what is or to be surprisingly touched about it.

Nothing of this is real, but its your choice to still belief in this story“, tells me the last disciple of his former weired Guru, who on purpose burnt herself to death. All the other disciple have left before. He tells me so while sipping his tea. I know this typical kind of sentences since half of my life now. They feel truthful on one hand, I can even touch their wisdom in a way sometimes, but coming more and more in contact with the „Divinity of the Horizontal Axis“ they seem to me less helpful than much more a coping strategy to prevent deeper feelings.


What do I mean by „Divinity of the Horizontal Axis“?

Soon it is 10 years (Your Invitation to the Anniversario – in german Language) that I always end my Yoga-Classes with the same ritual: Bowing down infront of the body-mind texture. In very rare cases I would have added: Be aware of the one or what is bowing down to this body-mind texture. It´s the intertwine the spiritual with the individual heart, it´s the mother, daily life and duality itself on which I bow down. After doing Yoga and Meditation, which is all about the vertical individual communication between subtle and more gross energies, the “Horizontal Axis” is the „outside reason“, all your relationships, all your endeavours, intentions, feelings and desires.

In my former buddhist practice I held up a strong division between spiritual (vertical) and wordly (horizontal). This might have been important at that time, but now this seems just not so useful anymore. Oneness and Twoness became again and again one thing over the years. – I wonder if some of my austrian friends reading this will again fall asleep or have a difficult time grasping what I want to say. Maybe its all less important to understand it, really. Its all about appreciation of what we have got and how far we have come. Thanks to all of us living through this duality for so long.

I am very thankful for being alive. Brutal indian busdrivers horning their enormous elephant like vehicles through the vivid indian streets also make me angry, weak and appreciative at the same time.




arunach.blue23th of Dec

How long does it take from the Ashram to your place ?

When this question was posed to me today, I suddendly had to laugh. I would say around 10 minutes. But actually I have no idea. Funny, in India my time perception really gets so blury. Back at home I am quite in control of time. Very much on time. Not so here. Naima tells me: „Papa, ich glaub immer, dass das Indien alles ein Traum ist“ (“Daddy, I believe this India to be dream”). She is double sensitive today after some little sickness. So much love inbetween us. Tiru Days are full of relationships, feelings and storys. And at the end of the day nothing ever happened,… empty, nothing stays. Here its just so easy to understand that the screen is more real than the film shown on this very screen.

The „We“, the listening to each other, the negotiation of standpoints, that concept of manifesting this and that in your life…all this very important fields, I cannot integrate one of that in this traditional Shiva Power House of Arunachala. All kind of tendencies are just swalloed by it. Yes, there is also nothing wrong about any so important tasks in life, but this enormous presence of being the screen, not the content of the film or the film itself, this just dominates everything. Why not surrender to this? At least for now. I will safe the world lateron. Before I will safe the world from me.

It is all here already?

Its all explained in one or two sentences. Librarys of wisdom. We are trained to reach something, to work our way forward to something. In sport, in knowledge, in getting an expert. Let it be Yoga, cleansing, marketing, dating, driving or ingenieuring. But it seems to be the opposite when it comes to inner Peace, means also world Peace: There we cannot develop something new. Because it is all here.

We just need to stop fighting against what shows itself in this very moment. All the pitty, agression, fear, sadness whatsoever. Its all perfect. Nobody ever died of feeling a feeling. But so many died because of supressing feelings for long time. We just need to surrender to this moment of our perception. Nothing needs to change. If Yoga can help you in realising this, so practice Yoga. It can be watching televison in another case. Go for it, if this is your thrill. Its about your realisation. Nature wants to realise itsself through you.

Tomorrow is full-moon (means busloads of indian pilgrims walking around Arunachala) and X-mas as well, maybe I will not write then.




arunach.bold26th of  Dec

I was writing on the 24th. Using writing this time to calm me down

„Good to be in a save haven again. Sometimes they are just too many on much too narrow streets. Indian pilgrims. Yet I don´t know if my leg is totally fine, something is going on there. I use this writing to calm me down. Next to beloved tulsi tea, incense, Lavylite, good music and namkin (indian snacks). We had just come from a very good talk with a german trauma-therapist. Romen and Uwe, the flower-decorated kids, a german speaking table in a the best restaurant in town. Already the way to the restaurant called „Dreaming-Tree“ was something quite new for me. Stucked with our scooter (motor bike) within people and cars. It is fullmoon. 500 000 people are walking around the moutain on a road 14km long. This moments when horning the horn does not help. We could not go back nor forward. Luckily arriving at „Dreaming Tree“ a therapist helped Naima to dissolve a little trauma she got this morning by a frightened seeker. The poor inner child of the seeker protected himself when he called her a „little fart“ while she was very openly telling him about her new successes in swimming. The therapist saw her slightly traumatic reaction on his behaviour sitting on a close table and offered us his service. Some hours later. But how many other traumas happened inbetween?  I can tell of one trauma on myself after leaving „Dreaming Tree“ on this very x-mas eve. The road was totally blocked by buses, rickshaws and pilgrims. So I let my three other companions leave the scooter, while I wanted to push the scooter trough a mud hole on the side of the road. Shortcut, of course. Resulting that the colourful sari of the lady behind me was totally dirty and my bike suddendly indepently drove forward without me targeting a little calf. Waking up nervoussystem in India. First rescue-drops, then a very friendly shop-owner who drove my little damaged bike through other mud-holes. We followed barefeet with the kids on the shoulders. He helped us through all kind of muddy shortcuts to prevent the stucked roads. Happy X-Mas. The morning diarrhoe of the 25th helped me to let go of this incident, I think. If not so, I will meet the german trauma-therapist again. Latest on the 27th, when Forum-Enlightenment starts.“


Social Life and Presence.

Imagine a family constellation where beside all the different family characters there is one person standing for nothing but pure presence. What happens? Many conflictions just woven by fear or power are dissolving. All the characters fall into their inner space. They suddendly don´t interact as they did before. They seem to be more with themselves. Not unfriendly, but less socially interacting. Maybe a bit unusual, because everybody seems to be less talkative to the others than before. At the same time there is so much presence, noticing each other very well. Zero interest to keep up a relationship which is woven with too many traces of fear. Many kind of polite communication rituals are not necessary any more. On the other hand just one short smile can be echoing a whole century. That`s how I perceive Tiru social life.

Well I skip weired partys and I skip the so called „Tiru Community“ on Facebook, where the one and only admin charges 500.- Rupis cash if somebody doesn´t want his add to be deleted. A westerner.

To keep quiet in the flame of the Presence, is a very goog idea, I guess.





1st of Jan 2016

So, some more „last sticks“ to throw into the fire ?

There is deepening quietness, and there is good instrumental music. Really nothing to argue or to be right with. After hitting so hard on many things, this seems sometimes a bit dull for the mind. But if my child is sleeping it´s just quiet. The nights are cold now. I am wearing a pullover when riding the bike in the night. Thankfulness is sometimes so big, so wide. Happy to have met certain people. Happy and astonished how creation can create mirrors all the time, in different levels of perception. There is not much so say beside „Happy New Year 2016“. Naima is so vivid although she has diarrohe. I love these silent nights. There is much less horning on the far away streets.




arunach.vogel4th of Jan

Still wrtNg ?

A temple elephant remembers to whom of the big crowd he gave a blessing. Apparantly he has got a much better memory than the avarage human has. He would not give you a blessing more than one time within some hours time. At least not us. How much sensitivity he has with his snout, I was astonished. Tons of people in the big temple.

Let me report out of my Arunachala-Magnifier-Perspective by breaking usual Perceptions:

“If you listen to a beloved music you can fall into a feeling pattern. The music might after listening again and again on one hand get a bit boring and it will on the other hand conserve something.”

Break One:

Thats not totally true, it is not so. It´s what you decide to make out of it. Its always unique and it´s all fabric of total stillness. Also if you listen to the same recording again and again.

Break Two:

What you make out of it“ is not totally correct. You only have the choice to listen other than used to if you have sunken deeper into what you are. Means if you got the bigger picture of (1) how your mind uses to work, how reality is constantly “created” by your perspective on it. And (2) this insight I guess is only possible if you expierenced how you are always Nothing and Everything at the same time.

Not much more to say at the moment. Maybe some comment of yours could initiate another writingstream ? Let´see.




forum7th of Jan:

The „WE“ or “No Spirituality without Psychology” and the other way round…

Today I feel the writing happening in relation to a painful „shiva-shiver“ within my ageold cristian reference system. I travelled way back, the female ancestorline. A „bodytransformative avalanche“ is hitting my whole left side. Initiated by two intense prayers togehter with different healers hit me. Prayers of Forgiving myself and them. Whom? Forgiving all these women strongly connected to cultural backround of patriarchic christianity. For what? Forgiving very embittered women for isolating and abandoning themselves, ourselves from life itself. The male offender side feels relieved since quite a while. But hang on, it is never one side only. So after some minutes the right side was showing up with ephemeral electric like pains. In the backround of this muscle fiever the mystical christian music very much resonates with me. I just accidently found it in my itunes – never listened to it before: Ashana „Ave Maria“. A blossoming of my „christian heart“. Am I really writing this? Christian Heart? Since long I denied this energetic layline of my being, confusing it with the blasphemic and deadly institution called “the church“.

In the very first days on our trip to Tiru I was very much surprised of three minutes of strong phenomenal pain on my left palm while walking around Ramanas Shrine. Totally gone after three minutes. It stayed a little bit swollen for some hours. No idea where this came from nor where it went to.

Well, a lot of good can be used now what would have been banned in my world before. It is all happening on many levels at the same time. And that is often just funny. Though I really felt my palm strongly hurting: It is not at all in my hands.


„No, they did not have to die when men did not come back. The tribe took care of them.“ –  There is a bit of a proudness involved when I say, that nowadays I would attract a new type of women. Women who would not anymore (un)conciously resent me for having left them alone in their caves with our breed. A female friend just clarified my stereotypical explaination of why women and men are so painfully dependent on each other with the sentence: „No, they did not have to die when men did not come back. The tribe took care of them.“ – Mhm, thats right too. Maybe also for me right now. With excuses to Ken Wilber that I mix up all the different levels of human evolutions.


Life is just running through.

So ephemaral, this journey, this encounters. Comings, Goings.  Instead of flirting at these 1980s like Tiru-Partys, I love to talk to a friend from Berlin these days. R. had awakening experiences. Beside so many people of Berlin I got to know. Well, R. is very open in sharing his findings, perceptions and so on. He was one reason for me to come here this time. Better to say to what he „organised“ (gave impulso to) here in Tiru. An artistic event, where I thaught Yoga in the mornings. Also a kind of an 1980s-event, like the Tiru-partys. Groupdynamic Encounter Groups without any structute whatsoever. Not even the pauses were planned. The organiser himself would come 20min later on the second day without any excuse. But instead of relationships problems like 30 years ago, one would talk about Enlightenment. Hours of silence, discussions, singings and emptyness while sitting in a chair-circle. Satsangteachers, who would deny the importance of Silence.  Everything possible.
Photo shows:  The blog author tilted by the overload of grace.




14th of jan

Outside of the Ashram-World

wild ideas farm We have been outside of all „this“. For 2 days we went to  Auroville and we made a short visit to a organic farm project called „Wild Ideas“. Just some kilometers out of Tiru, next to Marudam Farm School. The farm is rocket start-up which provides a save, healthy and beautiful space for poor and excluded women to produce organic soap and grow vegetables. Within 1,5 years Maitreya (see photo) and Arjeh build up the whole thing.





…we have been pondy 2016shopping in Pondycherry and collecting shells at the beach.

I am not interested, I never was, in Auroville. I just wanted to show the Indian Ocean to Naima. The big waves at an empty and even clean (!) beach just 3km away from the mostly dirty beach of Auroville. There we visited a charming, a bit bossy actress from Berlin, had a good enough time togehter and I got funny insights about the producer of the series „Games of Thrones“ while looking at the stars above the indian ocean. To meet outstanding tourists who open my yellow-press horizon, this also can be India. Though coming back to Tiru and the mountain was a great relief for me. I am really not interested anymore into indian Tourist-Lifestyle so much, not so much into cockroaches, smoked heads, grungy hotels and their tight-fisted owners.


It has always been strange to visit another place after feeling the clear and cleansing magnifier of Arunachala. Tiru is so different to the rest of India for me. There is more cordiality, softness here, than anywhere else. As it seems to me. And yes, I also know that widows also around here still get burned when their husband dies. Although it is officialy forbidden for some decades already.

And in all this field travels a well settled young german family. Leaving wellknown stuctures behind. With their two little kids to dusty India, just because their spiritual grandmother told them that the are too heady. Now the grandmother looks after the kids, while the parents are visiting “Forum Enlightenmet”, a german event altogether. I met lovely Vincent and Laura, who write about their experiences in Tiru as well on a blog:

And some other Germans, they live here for years already. For example S. . She is a wonderful healer. S. knows a lot about homeopathy, anatomy. She was trained by Hellinger himself and is an expert in Chinesiology. But I mainly visit S. just to pray with her.

Why is this wide and dense spectrum of life-experiences always quite a paradox?  Is it a confusion of developmental levels as K. Wilber would explain it? Isn´t it just a lack of mental boxes? Well, its not at all to put in an easy black and white understanding, not to put in our narrow analytical heads. It is grace for me to go on wondering about the magic of coincidences – without getting lost in religion or other primitivisms. How all this is woven into my life context? I also spoke about this colourful way of existence in an interview with Romen Banerjee. Soon to be listened on Youtube.



17th of Jan

A story to tell for you to relate on it ?

I was about to tell you a story about the 1st world-war deception of my forefathers and all about what followed after that …in the generations to come. It would make sense to tell this texture of reasons and maybe it is understandable or „relate-able“ for many. It might even give us a sense of togehterness by sharing the same historical backround. But now I want to report to you about a strange, seemingly deeper world. A world which is beyond all causalities, beyond any reasons. It is the level of „Things just happen“. Well, it is so natural to long and to find explainations and reasons for feelings and situations arising. If it would not make sense to us, if we would lack the reason of „Why it is like it is“, for the most of us it would just be too much of life, too much openness, too existential, I guess. In the presence of Arunachala I see it so often that things just happen. Just like they happen. I can resist, I can blame Arunachala or Shiva or whatever as stupid that everything is destroyed so fast, that there is just nothing to cling to. But in the end there is just nothing to say, but to feel this flow. To be with this. Without having any clue about it. Of why whatsoever things go this way and not differently. And the togetherness and oneness of the Leela-figures (means all the different personas of the divine comedy) can still be felt. Without the need nor the possiblity of explaination of why it all happens like it happens. I admit that this way of perception can be unhealthy or dissociative sometimes for some people. I just wanted to report you about a pull into a truthful inner nature of mine. Calling from Afar. (Recently there was a Krishna Das concert in the Ramana-Ashram)



21th of Jan

Holy Plastic Cows and Beef-Eaters. -The value of Taboos and Contradicitons.

You like Krishna and the Holy Cow? – You like the holy indian Amma, the stereotype of the indian Mum? How real is this mythos and how many contradictions can be tolerated or even appreciated within the collective mindset (also called „reality“)?

I agree with Hemingway who wrote: „The more contradictions you can bear, the richer you are inside“. But wait, isn´t that just a betrayel of values?

The holy cow is slaughtered around the corner, not all too far from the holy temple. Only Brahmins don´t eat beef. So many Hindus eat their holy cows. The castsystem crumbles since years. Additionally the holy cow started to eat a lot of this new plastic, which conquered not only India. See the documentary Plastic Cow

Ready for more taboos? Maybe you know why the loving, sometimes beaten mother is suddendly hated by the mums of her own neighbourhoods? Why the mother is abused sexual and many other ways by the neighbours mums husbands? As a result the neighbours mums gets jelous on her, starts to hate her, because every man is by tradition allowed to abuse a widow. If a mothers husband dies, and she is lucky enough not to get burnt to death, she is at least in danger and she is object of hate. The appreciated and beloved mother suddendly can turn into an excluded, totally expelled widow with no status or rights whatsoever, just because her husband died.


What kind of contradictions and taboos are we able to bear within the mindset of the collective „Global Western World“?

There are a lot contradictions as well. Beside all the childabuse in the christian church, the warfare propaganda of the massmedia, the decreasing value of socialwork, the way of childbirth and the role of midwives in our patriarchic medicine, and some other brutal contradictions between outward moral values and reality itself … there is one real strong taboo/contradiction in our culture which used to drive me crazy. I just could not understand it. This taboo is responsible of horrible deaths every five seconds on this planet.

It is the scriptural money  (“Giralgeld” in german).  I loved to ask caring, sensitive and intelligent people about it. Their answers:

„This has not so much to do with the real money.“

Or: „This is too complicated to understand for me.“

Or: „Better focus on the abundance of money (make visionsboard of banknotes) than critizising or trying to understand how money is created.

– I feel it is this very ignorance towards scriptural money which keeps our cannibalistic system still upright. I guess that many people would not even understand why I call our western economy cannibalsitic. I hope the reader does. It is a taboo to know or talk about this. People who adress this topic in public are expelled as Antisemits (Bernd Senf, Silvio Gesell, Franz Hörmann) or as stupid conspiracy theorists.

And what this has to do with India at all? – I wanted to point out that we all both in the west and in the east live in quite irrational societies. Means not be captured by the ratio.  Maybe that is just an expression of the inner richness as Hemingway said? Maybe we can accept that the mind is only the mind? Contradictive and narrow. That the deeper heart of all this does not depend on any logic nor moral continuity. That the realm of the heart is just bigger? – I feel that Ken Wilber has a more elegant way of explaining it than me. He outlines how not to mix up the levels of how reality is built, of how human conciousness has developed.


We leave tomorrow. So we say goodbye for now. It has been like always a amazing time. Maybe I continue with some more details here on the blog. Thank you for reading, I am amazed how many people (google-analytic tells me) read this for a litttle while at least.




27th of Jan

Back in Austria

While my first returnings from India in the 1990ties were surely the most difficult part of the journey, nowadays I just love to touch the ground of my cultural backround, embracing the soup of my upbringing. Being with the incorporations and institutions of my ancestors wombs and worries. At the moment it is fun and it is peaceful to be able to touch this most dense ground of my existence. Over the years the fear of return turned into a pleasant thrill.

And don´t forget all the clean setting here (no aggressive „Bus Hornings,“ no dirty-dust roads), not being constantly in the fatherrole and the best:

To teach Yoga and to import the bliss-harvest back to my roots. 

Thanks to all the people who so much supported me, triggered me. Thanks to my parents, my teachers and inspirations (just all kind of relationships).

Sometimes the magic just never stops, even if you are based in the digital world. Organising the general „silverline“ of the Yogaclasses I just came across the following read, which so much reminds me on all my choclate cakes I had in Tiru: „But this underlying stillness has retarded my bhakti. I do not care one iota if I get enlightened or not. I’ve lost my spiritual thirst to move forward. Everything’s as good as everything else. I’ve turned into a yawningly complacent poppa bear.“ (Source:




blog foto naima


How many faces you can see on this picture?

Comment below or send your answer to If you got the right answer, you will get 10% discount on one offer of the

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    Zwei Atemzüge Stille vor dem Laptop…

    • …thank you for breaking the ice on commenting. love, s.

  2. hmm… voll berührend, so persönliche und tiefe Teilhabe in die Öffentlichkeit … Offenlegung von Menschenheitsthemen … die Kraft der Wut – ins shithole einzutauchen und ein “shitwhole” (vermutlich unabsichtlich 🙂 drauss zu gestalten – die gesunde, heilige Scheiße … die Kraft der Veränderung, ein Motor für den Wandel !

    Alles Liebe Ilona

    • Danke. Ja, das hat sich von selbst so geschrieben. Mhm, Wandel: Dieser Berg fordert immer wieder die Hingabe an das Feuer der Transformation. Was da oft los ist, und wie schnell es wieder vergessen ist, als wär nichts gewesen.

  3. Danke, ich lese deine Berichte auch immer gerne, besonders der 23. hat´s mir angetan diesmal und passt sehr gut zu dem, wo ich mich gerade fühle. sehr fein.

    • Schön. Mich wunderts eh, dass ich doch immer wieder was zu schreiben habe, denn manchmal wird hier einfach alles verschluckt, auch all die vielen interessanten Geschichten.

      Hab z.B. grad einen ehemaligen Dalit (Untouchable) gesprochen, der protestantischer Priester wurde, damit er seinen Körperschatten am Morgen und am Abend eben doch auch auf Höherkastige werfen darf, sprich damit er eben kein Dalit mehr ist. Hier in Indien steht noch auf jedem Personalausweis, die jeweilige Kaste. Die schnellen Urteile darüber gehen mir jedoch aus. Fühlt sich gut an. Was die Menschen so aus ihren “Schicksalen” machen, ist wirklich beeindruckend.

      • ah ja, Tiru und Tamil Nadu, das macht doch jetzt Sehnsucht nach indischen Geschichten. Danke. Freu mich auf den Tag, der mich wieder hinführt. Alles Liebe. 🙂

  4. What a pluarese to find someone who thinks through the issues

  5. how to make a great article like this?


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