“Hotline Silence” – English Presentation of “Hotline Stille”

“Hotline Silence” – English Presentation of “Hotline Stille”


– A Hotline of a Different Kind.

“Hotline  Silence” is the telefon connection to this site so-sein.at.  Relaxed meditative Yoga and all around Silence in and arround Vienna.

One little phone-call to the Hotline provides you „deep sinking into what you really are“. The life coachings are not longer than 10 to 15 minutes. 

With the great support of an innovative project-oriented way of learning, the „Pioneers of Change“ (an austrian CSR-intitiative) we are able to establish a new type of Hotline. The Hotline of Silence. (german translation: “Hotline Stille)

Three different telefon-lines offer you either

burn-out support“,

„sinking into silence“ or

„inner touch by talking into conciousness“.


As there is no official phone number yet, plz arrange a date with us via this form



All three lines provide you with individual coachings or a costfree connection to a place of silence.  As a Startup „Hotline Silence“ wants to beginn with only 5 coaches handling 3 hours twice a week of telefon-service. All coaches are not only well experienced coaches, but they all have a deep affinity to Non-Polarity or Advaita. So to say an affinity to the Inner Presence of the Silence, nowadays most wellknown conveyed by Eckehart Tolle. For  a more detailed  explaination of the silence-gap.

“Hotline  Silence” organises „deep sinking into what you really are“ by connecting the Presence with your every day mobile phone call. The life coachings are not  longer than 10 to 15 minutes. The code-card for paying the coaches per minute can´t be purchased but only be given to you as a gift. You can upload more credits to your card, but the card itself will always be a gift. There will be promotion-happenings (with a silent parking car in which you can hear your own breath by a headset) or other public promotional events where the the telefon-cards are distributed freely.

The Hotline is financially organised by Memberships-Models and by the „Investors into Silence“-model. Even the coaches pay a monthly membership-fee beside their income. They are then able to get more clients of their own work and they will always be updated with new trainings and retreats. At the beginning this telefonservice will only operate in german language, but later on we are planning to cooperate with english speaking coaches. The coaches can be spread around the world.

If you wanna know more and if you or other dear people of your side wanna participate at or support “Hotline Silence” in any way, please contact Sascha Tscherni . Thank you.


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  1. Gute Hinweise! Ich werde mich damit mal genauer auseinander setzen! Bin gespannt auf neue Eintraege!

  2. Finally, an issue that I am passionate about. I have looked for information of this caliber for the last several hours. Your site is greatly appreciated.

    • Thank you for your appreciations, Oliver and Momochii. We are still open for experienced coaches with a great affinity to non-polarity. So in case this is you or you know someone, plz forward this link or contact me directly. Thank you. Sascha


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