My Yoga-classes:

Take the time you need. Its not about a weekly plan to fitness or enlightenment. Aligned Asanas mainly inspired by Iyengaryoga-teachers, meditation on how to open the body(ies) and listen to its most subtle feedbacks. regenerative meditative space around powerful asanas. All levels!

I studied Yoga at different teachers in India, Germany and Austria. Since 1993. Since my teachertraining in 2005 i´m teaching in different occasions and locations: : Sommercourses of the Goethe-institut around Berlin, in Greece (Zakynthos), Schmida-Institut (Vienna).

Come and see! Registrate via sascha (at) or 0699/81202347

English teachings possible!

Thanks to my teachers:
Karin o´Bannon, Florian Fladerer, Pankash, Usha Devi, S.N. Goenka, Mooji (Ramana Maharishi), Richard Richter, Vianna Stibal, Simon Rose and all the soulbrothers and sisters!
out of books, mainly: Arno Gruen, Eric Pearl, Stanislav Grof

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