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Sascha Tscherni (*1974)

Since very early Sascha focused on exploring conciousness. After beeing one of the fastest newcomer long distance runners in his little middleeuropean country, his first direct approach on the topic of conciousness and its expansion was through literature. Literature not only in an academic way – he made his Masterdegree in German Literature and Psychology – but literature also as self expression, in performances, writing and film. From that artistic field he moved into his – let say- monastic period of life. He spent nearly three years in India in differnt Ashrams, became Yoga teacher and sat many hours retreated silently in Meditation cells. It was only in 2005 when he discovered the power of thought patterns and belief sentences. He started practising and teaching Thetahealing although:

„I knew deep inside that it was kind of secondary concerning my true nature“

It was when Sascha got to know Simon Roses analytic questioning and experimenting in the field of spiritual-healing when he really „smelled“ that we all are on the crest of something really powerfully effectful. With RPT Sascha feels the he can finally bring two strings together:

The long practised traditional way towards Oneness/Beingness and the active part of supportive interaction between individuals melting more and more into all what we really are.

Through Yoga-classes and Coaching Sessions Sascha guides him and his clients back to the simple joy of living and self empowerment.

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